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On Orientation

orientation noun ori - en - ta - tion \ ȯr-ē-ən-ˈtā-shən : a person's feelings, interests, and beliefs : a main interest, quality, or goal : the process of giving people training and information about a new job, situation, etc. I have a very intelligent friend who has done research in medical anthropology, with a focus on… Continue reading On Orientation

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Acts 2 in the Everyday

Some have called it a Christian version of "The Real World." A re-enactment of "Friends" (there are 6 of us, after all). A commune. A crazy, demanding, overwhelming concept. I call it home. Crazy: yes. Demanding often. Overwhelming occasionally. And good always (whether it feels good or not). When you live in intentional community for a… Continue reading Acts 2 in the Everyday

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A Christian Declaration of (In)dependence

In high school, my government class was assigned to compose our own "Declarations of Independence," a clever assignment on the teacher's part that both taught us about the original Declaration and tapped into our natural teenage rebellion. I took this opportunity to declare independence from church, crafting a sort of spiritual-but-not-religious manifesto that maintained allegiance to… Continue reading A Christian Declaration of (In)dependence


Rethinking Church Unity

As I said in my last post, I never expected to take a confirmation class and join a very liturgical denomination, yet now I'm doing just that and loving it. Perhaps the most important way God's using this experience so far is to debunk some myths about church that I've held onto for years. Myth #1:… Continue reading Rethinking Church Unity