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Rethinking Church & Creativity

Myth #3: Structure inhibits creativity. I used to think that structure in church, especially scripted prayers, left no room for creativity. If everyone's following a script, I assumed, they aren't really thinking about what they're saying and might not even mean what they're saying. Even if they do mean it, after following the same script… Continue reading Rethinking Church & Creativity

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The Free-Spirited Achiever: A Collegiate Oxymoron?

As I described on this blog January 2nd, I got rather creative during my recent time-off from academia and decided that "perhaps I'll make some kind of be creative somehow some way every day." Has that resolution panned out? Well, it's a hard resolution to gauge, but I don't think it's going so well. Despite reflecting over… Continue reading The Free-Spirited Achiever: A Collegiate Oxymoron?