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When Fears = Dreams

Since 2011, the non-profit organization To Write Love On Her Arms has been encouraging individuals to identify our fears and dreams. "All of us have fears and dreams," says a video put out by the organization, "and perhaps the two are not so far apart. Perhaps they're at the center of who we are." Perhaps… Continue reading When Fears = Dreams

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7 Ways to Be A Good Mentor

Apparently January is National Mentoring Month!  And I love that. I love pausing to acknowledge that I wouldn't be at all who I am today personally or professionally without my mentors. I love that they've offered far more nuggets of wisdom, cups of coffee, listening ears, and respect than I deserve. And I love paying attention… Continue reading 7 Ways to Be A Good Mentor

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I Am Understood: The Spirituality of Reading

A couple of weeks ago I finished reading a book. Nothing unusual about that. But this time I read the last pages slowly, closed the cover gently, and -- no joke -- hugged the book to my chest with a sigh. "I am understood," I thought. Maybe you've experienced this too. It seems several Twitter… Continue reading I Am Understood: The Spirituality of Reading

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Life Is Like a Novel

I used to think life was like an anthology. Now I think it's more like a novel. Anthologies present one unrelated story at a time. You read a chapter, close it, and don’t need to return to it. Because the next chapter introduces new characters, new scenes, new story. We’re talking realistic fiction in one… Continue reading Life Is Like a Novel

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How to Hear Sad Stories: With Mental Health First Aid

Well, I took my own blog's advice recently and shared a sad story with someone (not with humor, alas, but perhaps with some holiness). Gratefully, the person listened well, joining the handful of other effective listeners I've experienced and observed. So, now, I'm turning to the topic: How should we hear sad stories? Mental Health… Continue reading How to Hear Sad Stories: With Mental Health First Aid