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Good Grief, Friday

Yesterday, along with another young woman interning at my church, I carried a seven-foot-tall, thick wooden cross (literally an "old rugged cross") down the aisle of the sanctuary. Today, I have a scrape on the palm of my right hand to show for it. I wash my hands, and the scrape stings just a little.… Continue reading Good Grief, Friday

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Why I Hate (And Can’t Hate) Religion But Love Jesus

In the last 48 hours, this video "Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus" by slam poet Jefferson Bethke has been cropping up all over the Internet:I love slam poetry and I love the overall point that this video makes, which I think Bethke summarizes at 2:50 when he says:"Religion says do. Jesus says done.Religion… Continue reading Why I Hate (And Can’t Hate) Religion But Love Jesus