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Go In Peace (To Canada?!) To Love And Serve the Lord

"This has been a year of peaceful transition." - Preston Yancey, Tables in the Wilderness Moving. In August, I'm moving from Dallas to Vancouver to pursue a Master's in Theology at Regent College. There, I said it. (Wrote it, anyways. For a writer, this is a crucial step in coming to terms with life's ebbs and… Continue reading Go In Peace (To Canada?!) To Love And Serve the Lord

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Life Is Like a Novel

I used to think life was like an anthology. Now I think it's more like a novel. Anthologies present one unrelated story at a time. You read a chapter, close it, and don’t need to return to it. Because the next chapter introduces new characters, new scenes, new story. We’re talking realistic fiction in one… Continue reading Life Is Like a Novel

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Don’t Say Goodbye; Say Thank You

Graduation-related events have started happening. Senior traditions, share nights, "lasts," "thank yous," and eventually "goodbyes."But mostly "thank yous."There was a lot of that at InterVarsity senior dinner tonight. One guy even went around the room and identified some memory or aspect of each of us that he admires. I could do that too -- for… Continue reading Don’t Say Goodbye; Say Thank You