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What Community Is NOT

Since I've written about -- and lauded -- Christian community before, I should be clear about something: Community is NOT a matter of doing as much as possible together. Quite the opposite. It's about being independent together.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer writes in his marvelous little book Life Together: "Along with the day of the Christian family fellowship… Continue reading What Community Is NOT

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I asked God if it was okay to be introverted

This is the first post in my "God Says Yes" series.   I'm not just alluding again to Kaylin Haught's poem here. I've actually asked God if it's okay to be introverted. Why would we think it's not okay to be introverted? Introverts look around us and extroverts seem to be most visible. At work and school, we… Continue reading I asked God if it was okay to be introverted