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Head Stands, Summer Jobs, and Psalm 51

This morning on the way to church, a local pop radio station was playing in the car and introduced the Jason Derulo song "The Other Side" with a story on Derulo's background.Apparently, in January 2012, the singer fractured his neck while practicing a dance routine, leaving him with a neck brace and a cancelled concert tour.… Continue reading Head Stands, Summer Jobs, and Psalm 51

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The Gospel According to Kelly Clarkson

As of Summer 2012, it seems I love Kelly Clarkson's music. Sure, I enjoyed "Breakaway" back when it was a 2004 hit, but that's because I was 13 years old and it was featured in Princess Diaries 2. Now that "Stronger" and "Dark Side" are all over the airwaves, however, Clarkson is contributing to the soundtrack of my summer. It's been… Continue reading The Gospel According to Kelly Clarkson

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On Grandmas and "Tattoo People"

I've been wearing the Greek word for grace on my forearm for 2 months now. I write it with a black ink pen, retracing it almost daily so that it doesn't wash away. For now I'm content, but it may become a tattoo before too long. The picture here is a bit blurry, but you… Continue reading On Grandmas and "Tattoo People"