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A Dream Journal

My first job ever was working at a local YMCA's summer day camp, supervising unruly children day after day. One day, I was called into my boss's office and issued a warning because a kid in my class had been briefly "missing" (he had run off to the bathroom without telling anyone -- totally not… Continue reading A Dream Journal

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When Fears = Dreams

Since 2011, the non-profit organization To Write Love On Her Arms has been encouraging individuals to identify our fears and dreams. "All of us have fears and dreams," says a video put out by the organization, "and perhaps the two are not so far apart. Perhaps they're at the center of who we are." Perhaps… Continue reading When Fears = Dreams

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Imagination and Fear of the Future

A black hole of nothingness. That's how one of my college roommates once described life after college. She couldn't see what came after graduation, so all she could picture was...nothing. And, secretly, for quite a while, I agreed. Despondent, I would stare into a blank journal or a career aptitude test or the face of… Continue reading Imagination and Fear of the Future