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If the Shoe Don’t Fit

If the shoe don't fit...wear it. That's not how the saying goes. But I think, in some cases, that's reality. When you try on a new pair of shoes in a store, there's some discomfort. You wiggle your toes, inspect with your eyes, stand up, pace the aisles...and make a decision as to whether or… Continue reading If the Shoe Don’t Fit


Rethinking Church Unity

As I said in my last post, I never expected to take a confirmation class and join a very liturgical denomination, yet now I'm doing just that and loving it. Perhaps the most important way God's using this experience so far is to debunk some myths about church that I've held onto for years. Myth #1:… Continue reading Rethinking Church Unity

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Adventures of an Adult Confirmand

I didn't exactly mean to ... but I think I'm getting confirmed at an Anglican church this spring. And that is one sentence I never expected to say. When my family's asked why I'm doing this, I've started comparing it to getting  a new pair of shoes. Sure, it fits imperfectly -- maybe even uncomfortably -- at… Continue reading Adventures of an Adult Confirmand