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And He Shall Be Called Wonderful Counselor

Some people picture God as an old man with a beard. William Paul Young in The Shack¬†pictured God as an African-American woman.¬†Christmas reminds us that we can -- and should -- picture God as a baby in a manger. As for me? I often picture God as a counselor. A lady in a turtleneck, maybe… Continue reading And He Shall Be Called Wonderful Counselor

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Waking Up In Darkness

It was 6:30 a.m. December 1st. The alarm went off and I pressed "snooze" for the third time. The house was silent, the windows enshrouded in shadow. Waking up in darkness is just so hard, I thought, rolling over. Waking up in darkness. I'm terrible at it in the mornings. And we're terrible at it… Continue reading Waking Up In Darkness