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Acts 2 in the Everyday

Some have called it a Christian version of "The Real World." A re-enactment of "Friends" (there are 6 of us, after all). A commune. A crazy, demanding, overwhelming concept. I call it home. Crazy: yes. Demanding often. Overwhelming occasionally. And good always (whether it feels good or not). When you live in intentional community for a… Continue reading Acts 2 in the Everyday

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We Need To Talk

"We need to talk." What do you think of when you hear those words? I've been realizing over the last several months that, when I hear something like that, I immediately assume the worst. I worry, sometimes for days, that either a) I'm in trouble or b) someone close to me is in trouble. But… Continue reading We Need To Talk

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7 Ways to Be A Good Mentor

Apparently January is National Mentoring Month!  And I love that. I love pausing to acknowledge that I wouldn't be at all who I am today personally or professionally without my mentors. I love that they've offered far more nuggets of wisdom, cups of coffee, listening ears, and respect than I deserve. And I love paying attention… Continue reading 7 Ways to Be A Good Mentor

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The Beecherl-Corrigan Fellows Program: A Year of Community & Calling

In one week, I'll be embarking on a 9-month journey of aiming to live out the very 2 topics I've addressed lately on the blog: community and calling. Specifically, in one week, I'll be starting a program called the Beecherl-Corrigan Fellows Program, based out of Church of the Incarnation in Dallas, TX. The Beecherl-Corrigan Fellows… Continue reading The Beecherl-Corrigan Fellows Program: A Year of Community & Calling

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Emerging Adulthood According to Paramore: A Reflection on Community

Ain't it fun living in the real world?When I first heard Paramore's recent hit "Ain't It Fun" come on the car radio, I turned up the volume, rolled down the window, and decided within 3 minutes that this was an apt anthem for emerging adulthood (the age range technically from about 18-25 that I write… Continue reading Emerging Adulthood According to Paramore: A Reflection on Community