Julia Powers, MDiv, MSW, LCSWA


I’m a writer and clinical social worker committed to creative, interdisciplinary work at intersections of mental health, social justice, and spirituality. I have a dual M.S.W. and M.Div. from UNC-Chapel Hill School of Social Work and Duke Divinity School. This training has led me into experiences with individuals, couples, families, and groups in diverse settings including community mental health, psychiatric hospitals, homeless shelters, and churches. Regardless of practice setting, I hope to pursue liberative, inclusive practices of care that affirm and build up the health, wholeness, and holiness of all people.

TOPICS OF INTEREST: I have broad interests in depression, anxiety, trauma, psychotic disorders, eating disorders & body image concerns, guilt & shame, grief & loss, relationships, life transitions, gender, and sexuality. Informed by my dual clinical and pastoral training, I also have an interest in religious/spiritual concerns, including exploration of one’s feelings toward their God/higher power (anger? doubt? abandonment? gratitude?) and processing of religious/spiritual trauma.

FOR FUN: I love being around friends, family, dogs, laughter, poetry, art, good food, and good conversation. (Self-care is crucial.)

SOUND INTERESTING? You can find my writing here on the blog, as well as periodically in other publications. You can also contact me directly. I’m available for consultation, writing, preaching, and teaching and would be happy to discuss your individual or organizational needs.

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